Being able to return a piece of furniture you have purchased online is your right by law.

There could be reasons why you want to return an item:

  • Change of mind
  • Not suitable
  • Thought it fit doesn't!

If you are returning an item because of any of the reasons mentioned above there is collection charge of £60

The reason we charge this collection fee is to cover for the cost involved for us to pay the couriers who we use, to come to your address & pick the item you want to return.

We understand this is quite a price to pay for a return, a wrong decision you made unknowingly, this may also leave a bad online shopping experience and affect your confidence to purchase furniture online.

Keeping this scenario in mind and our dedication towards offering a happy shopping experience for our customers, furntastic has come up with a cover that offers extra peace of mind; this cover is called Pre Paid Returns Cover.

What is Pre Paid Returns Cover & how does it work?

After you have made selection of the furniture you wish to purchase, at cart page you will be provided an option called Pre Paid Returns with a check box for you to tick "Yes" if you wish to apply under this cover.

Upon checking "Yes", your cart page will refresh and a small fee of £19.99 will be added to your cart total activating your Pre Paid Returns Option.

Under this cover you will be able to return any item which you bought from us without having to pay the standard £60 collection charge.

We believe this cover gives our customers a great piece of mind and confidence to buy. They do not have to pay a big price for a wrong decision they made unknowingly.

Now comes the best part, if you have bought the Pre Paid Returns Cover and did not use on your first purchase, as the item you have bought is just perfect, you can use the same cover for your future purchase with us.

The cover is valid only to use one time and for one invoice.

Please Note: When returning an item under the Pre Paid Returns Cover you must ensure that the items are returned in the condition they were supplied to you. Items that are returned without or inadequately packed may be refused collection and a charge of £60 will be levied to cover the cost of failed collection.

If you require further details please email us at