Do you live in a dark? Not getting the proper natural light in your room. Darker rooms are better for sleeping time, but if your bedroom is dark even during the daytime. If yes, it is a big problem. There are some easy tips that can help you change your rooms from darker to brighter.
7 Ways to Get More Light Into Dark Interiors
Whether you’re looking to add more daylight or you’re trying to brighten up your space and mood, take a look at our 7 tips that will give you impressive results.

1. Right Lighting and Colour is a Key

If the room's ceiling is painted in dark colours, it has probably made your entire room decor dull and darker. You can choose white paint and give a fresh coat to the ceiling. A bright colour more reflect and make the entire room brighter. If you have a room or a corner in your home where natural light can’t come, use multiple fixtures that focus towards walls and ceiling. The overhead lights provide a soft glow that’s better for darker rooms.

2. Change Your Curtains

Change Your Curtains
This is another way to transform the darker rooms into brighter. If you have thick, heavy curtains in a room, more chances of blocking natural light coming into space. If you want to know how much light you can get into your room, try swapping your heavy dark curtains to lightweight light curtains. For privacy, purposes install blinds that allow you to quickly change the quantity of light coming from outside.

3. Glazed Doors are Better

Great look and feel, you’ll get a much lighter, airier look than any other ordinary doors. Glazed doors are a perfect and a great way of bringing light to an adjoining room that never gets proper light from the outside.

4. Choose the Right Flooring

Choose the Right  Flooring
Most of the people don’t know how important is choosing the right flooring for darker rooms. Light colours like paler colour brighten up the darker rooms in an easier way. The choice of flooring colour greatly depends upon your taste and home interiors, but in darker rooms, the light floor will give oxygen to your space and make it feel brighter.

5. Mirror Effect

Whatever amount of light you have in your room, mirror works to reflect the light and add shine to space. Also, you can use objects like silver photo frames, mirror finish furniture, chandeliers, and others. They help to spread light around your room.

6. Trim Trees by your Windows

Trim Trees by your Windows
If light can’t reach your window, no doubt your room will remain dark. Trees and bushes block the natural sunlight that’s the reason your room is not getting the right amount of light. Make sure trees and bushes that are covering your windows get trimmed on time.

7. White or Neutral Colour Scheme

White and Neutral colours will work best in your darker areas of a home. The lighter the colour more light they will reflect to make your room brighter. Always consider lighter colours in the darker room, so the room will look energetic and brighter.
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