It’s time to give thanks because Furntastic is here with a Black Friday Sale!

The festive season is coming up and we all know what that means. Shopping, shopping, and even more shopping. Whether it’s the Harvest festival, Halloween, or Christmas, we end up spending a bomb on things to spruce up ourselves, and more importantly, our abode. Guilty? Absolutely not!

Shop! And if you can’t shop, shop anyway!

After all, a tiny mirror here or a console table there doesn’t hurt anyone, does it? And, here’s the real deal – With Furntastic’s Black Friday Sale 2019, you can save some precious bucks while still indulging in all your shopping fantasies!

Furntastic is bringing the classic US tradition of Black Friday Sale to the UK. So, when the clock strikes 12on the night of Thanksgiving, start adding all your favorites to the shopping cart. It is your window of opportunity to buy everything you wanted to jazz up your place, all at great discounted prices. 

Does Furntastic have Black Friday deals?

It’s time to snag the furniture and décor you’ve been dreaming of since forever. With a bunch of deals and discounts on the our website, your task will not only be easy but also thoroughly joyous.

Now you can get up to 15% off on all products during the Black Friday Sale, between the 29th of November to the 3rd of December.

Are you excited? Believe us, we are more excited! After all, this is Furntastic’s first Black Friday sale.

Most of you might be tempted to buy all the tiny things you’ve been making a list of since the last Black Friday. But we say, keep an eye out for all your big-ticket items, such as furniture, because you might save some more money there – It’s all about making the most of the offer.

Pro tip: The pricier the product, the sweeter the deal.  Don’t miss Furntastic’s Black Friday Furniture Sale 2019.

Why Furntastic?

Furntastic’s Black Friday Furniture Sale 2019brings to you amazing quality products at rates that will neither break your heart nor your bank account. Our aim is to give you unrivaled choices at the best prices. We bet you will get hooked on to the site, once you start scrolling through the options that we have for you. You can easily logon to the website and enjoy these unbelievable discounts from the comfort of your home!

Why break your heart when you can easily add it to the cart?

Are all the crazy discounts on the website making you want to scream ‘Take my money!’ for every product? The sale has got your back! With us, you can shop till your heart’s content without worrying about your wallet dent.

Haven’t you seen Furntastic’s Black Friday Furniture Ad 2019 yet? Still confused about what to buy? Since Christmas is right around the corner, why not deck the halls? Here’s what you can buy:

  • Home Décor: Have a lot of Christmas parties to host? Bid farewell to the same old vases and lamps in and around your house, and get your hands on some artistic candle holders and lights during the sale.
  • Cabinets and Drawers: Once you start getting those Christmas lights and décor, there is no going back. Save a great deal on cabinets and chest of drawers, and relieve yourself from having to find a corner for the decorations.
  • Wine Rack: Is Christmas even complete without wine? Amid all the celebrations, you certainly wouldn’t want to regret not getting those extra bottles of liquor. So, keep yourself prepared and get this household must-have at amazing discounted prices.

Happy Shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Black Friday a good time to buy furniture?

Your furniture and home décor reflect your personality. They can make or break your image. However, buying good furniture implies a big dent in your pocket. Ouch?

Black Friday Sale 2019 can be a good time to buy furniture for two reasons: a) The festive season is around the corner and you will need fancy furniture to host those amazing parties and accommodate your lovely guests. B) Black Friday Furniture Sale 2019means attractive discounts and opportunities to save money are coming your way.

How long will the Black Friday Furniture Sale 2019 last?

Although Black Friday Sale starts on a Friday, it lasts for a few days and usually ends after Cyber Monday. The Black Friday Sale at Furntastic will begin on the 29th of November and continue until the 3rd of December.

Are the Black Friday Furniture Deals 2019 exciting enough?

Now you can get 12% off on the furniture of your choice. Imagine getting a Cream Marble Rectangular Dining Table worth £561 at just £493.68. There! You got your answer!


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