Colour Trend: Go Green this Season

Thinking of updating your home decor this season? One of the best ways to add beauty to your home decor is adding the latest colour trend. Bring a warm colour, freshness to your personal space with Green colour. Shades of Green will add a natural, botanical-inspired look to your homes.

The greenery will definitely be everywhere this season. We believe that green colour will never get dull, and that it will stay with us for the upcoming year. The best part about green shades is that they can easily suit any Home Style and Decor.

Jumpstart the feeling of freshness, warmth and revitalization by incorporating these green colour shades into your home. And here are some great ideas on how you can use it in your home decor.

The Front Door

If you’re the greenery lover, incorporate some flowers or greenery around your front door to make it feel more inviting.  Fresh flowers and greenery can brighten things and add instant charm to your front door.


Greenery On Front Door



Bring one of the best soothing and refreshing feel to your space, Green is the perfect tone to make your entryway more welcoming.  It is the fabulous way to greet your friends and family those come to your home, you’ll see their mood will be easily lifted as soon as they walk through your front door. You can give a green look to your space, Walls and Light Fixtures.


Greenery In Entryway


Living Room

You can create an accent area in your living room with green colours shades. Looking for adding greenery touch to your living room, you can simply add emerald green furniture with golden details. It is the best way to bring a touch of nature to your space.


Greenery In Living Room


Dining  Room

Dining Room is a place where you host dinner and lunch parties for your friends and loved ones, it should look awesome. There are so many things that you can incorporate into your dining room to give a green Look to Your Dining Room without actually committed to it fully. Use bold green accents that work well in your dining room like a stylish green rug, great fabric upholstered dining chairs or potted plants that draw your attention. The typical shades of green will never go out of style and gives your dining room a sunny, refreshing vibe.


Greenery In Dining Room


If you want something that everybody love, move away from dull colours and try one of the shades of green that are more striking and vibrant.

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