Do the Colours of  Your Office Walls Impact Productivity?

There is a connection between colour in the office and productivity. Office Wall Colour plays an important role in the workspaces, it not only adds “WOW Factor” to your Office Space but also encourages your employees to be more productive.

Some colours have a great impact on employees while others create the negative effect in the office. If you don’t want the feelings of depression and sadness, you should avoid dull colours in the office.

What is Colour Psychology?

Colour Psychology is a study of colours and tells us about the importance of colours and how they affect people.

Studies show that colours have the powerful impact on productivity, growth, creativity and communication. Some of the colours, if used in the office space increase confidence, some of them are best for Energy, Passion and Happiness.

How does colour affect us?

Colours can affect people’s growth, focus, energy and productivity. Do you or your team members feel sluggish while working in an office? Refreshing your workspaces with colour is a great idea to boost productivity and achieve full concentration.

What Colours Inspire and Motivate?

Every colour has their own importance, but few of them have a great impact on your mood and mind. According to Colour Psychologist Angela Wright, there are few colours that are primary psychological colours Red, Yellow, Blue and Green.

They each one has their powerful effect on the mind, the soul and the body. Any other colour that has a great effect on mood is just a combination of these primary colours.


Colours Psychology


Yellow in Colour Psychology- Boost Creativity, Confidence, Happiness and Productivity

Yellow is often used to create a fresh, energy-filled and productive work environment. It is regarded as warm and soothing colour and is connected to Happiness and Creativity. It is a popular colour for creative sector professionals such as Artists, Designers and Writers.


Yellow Colour


Blue in Colour Psychology- Impact on Mood

Blues were ideal for the work environments as colour adds to promote communication, trust and efficiency. Blue Colour is naturally calming, it is a great choice for office spaces as it opens your mind to new ideas.

Blue is a great choice if you want to relax your mind and want to get straight to the point. Blue is a brilliant colour for completing administrative tasks that require complete focus and attention towards the task.


Blue Colour


Red in Colour Psychology- Energy, Passion and Action

If your job involves physical activity, then Red is a good choice. Red has been linked to increase the heart rate, blood flow and also invoke energy, emotion and passion.


Red Colour


Green in Color Psychology- Sparks Creativity

Another popular colour for increasing the performance in Office space is Green. Many studies prove that Green Colour has an effect on us. It can spark creativity and boost productivity in the office space.


Green Colour


How Can I get Started with Colour?

Now you’ve understood the importance of different colours for office walls. You can choose a colour that creates an enjoyable and productive environment. Select one of the above-mentioned colours and create a perfect atmosphere in your office and home office.

Can’t Change the Paint? Try these simple things in your office:

  • If you’re unable to change the colour of your office walls,  Office Furniture in nature-inspired Green and calming blues are another best way to boost your productivity and confidence without painting your office walls.
  • In your home office, bring some accents for your computer desk (Green Plants, Green Pen Holder, Green Mouse Pad or something else that you love on your desk). It is also one of the best ways to bring a touch of green in your home office space.

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