Give fresh feel to your home with Andrew Martin Designs


Beautiful designs, elegant look and excellently crafted, there’s something that everyone wants in their home. Andrew Martin Designs can complement any home style from contemporary to traditional. Andrew Martin is one of the popular brands in the UK that specialize in providing Wallpapers, Fabrics, Dining Tables, Alphabet Side Tables, Coffee Tables, Sofas, Floor Standing Lamps, Ceiling, Wall Lights and others.

Give your home a new and flawless look with these fabulous home decor accessories from Andrew Martin. All pieces of Andrew Martin Design are crafted using high standard materials and are long-lasting. Accessories from Andrew Martin are rich in design and can easily give a fresh feel to any home interiors.

History of Andrew Martin Designs

Andrew Martin International is a UK Brand, founded in 1978. Andrew Martin is founded by Martin Waller. Offering a stunning collection of Wallpapers, Fabrics, Furniture & other home accessories. Andrew Martin Designs are famous around the globe because of their unique designs and stylish products. They organized the award function for International Interior Designers.


Exclusive collection of Andrew Martin Design to give a fresh feel to your home:


Andrew Martin Wallpaper

Our latest Andrew Martin Wallpaper collection has arrived at Furntastic. The collection of Museum Wallpaper includes Ark Wallpaper Individual Roll, Camelot Wallpaper Individual Roll & others. This collection provides unique wallpapers to transform your home. 

The Andrew Martin Wallpaper collection has a quality and beauty that can add value to your home.

Andrew Martin Fabrics

Andrew Martin Fabric collection is internationally inspired and beautifully created to give a unique and fabulous look to your home interiors. With these beautiful designs, they aim to bring both elegance and style to your home. They are famous for their inspiring and unique collection of fabrics. The exclusive Fabric range from Andrew Martin can provide individuality and character to any modern and contemporary home decor.

Choose from an exclusive range of Andrew Martin Fabrics available online including, Archive Fabrics, Motcomb Fabrics, Lost and Found Fabrics, Hurricane Fabrics, Georgia Fabrics, Revolver Fabrics, Mughal, Compass and other fabrics.

Andrew Martin Furniture

Andrew Martin offers beautiful & remarkable furniture, created by Andrew Martin design team, combining quality with beauty. Andrew Martin furniture collection allows you to create a home that suits your personality and taste. A beautiful furniture collection from Andrew Martin which includes Dining Tables, Alphabet Side Tables (A-Z), Coffee Tables & other Bedroom, Living and Dining Furniture. 

Andrew Martin Lights

Like Color, lights also play a significant role in creating a better environment in your home. Lights are an excellent way to freshen up the home. Andrew Martin Lighting has many products from Beacon of Light to Cameron Double Wall Light to transform your home.Give a sophisticated touch to your home with our exclusive and impressive collection of  Andrew Martin Lighting.

Pick your favorite product from the Andrew Martin collection to give an innovative look to your home interiors.

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