Interior Styles- Modern VS Contemporary

It’s a quite confusing task for many to differentiate between the terms “Modern” and “Contemporary”. In many places modern and contemporary both terms are used together, but in reality, both are different decorating styles.

Let’s take a look at the origin of Modern and Contemporary styles, and then let’s compare both of them. 

Modern Home

The Modern Style is basically the design and decor of early to mid-20th Century. Modern style is timeless, it never changes with time. The clutter-free look of the Modern Style Homes gives more impact on the modern style architecture, and makes the modern mid-century furniture the center of attraction of the space. Mid-Century Modern style is one of the popular and sophisticated styles in interior design. It is popular for its clutter-free and clean look of the space. Modern style favors clean lines, whereas contemporary style love curves.


Modern Home Style


There are so many design elements that clarify the mid-century modern space are as follows:

Limited Furniture

Empty spaces are as powerful as full ones. Limited furniture pieces support the easy living, when it comes to Furniture. Less is more!

White Walls

White Walls are the perfect way to show your accent pieces and highlight your furniture.  White reflects the modern style and always in latest Home Decor trends, it makes your home look cool and fresh.

Natural Elements

Modern style always has the touch of natural elements to make your space look elegant and simple. Natural elements in your home include many things like Wood, Leather, Linen, polished metals are used in modern style homes. Molded plywood and plastic also plays an important role in modern style homes.

In Modern Style open floor plan generally area rugs are not used, If used they are crafted from wool and neutral in color combinations.

Touch of Environment

Mid Century Modern Style homes have lots of windows; it is the best ways to connect both outdoors and indoors.

How is contemporary style different from modern style?

Contemporary Style is totally different from Modern Style, it means “existing”. Occurring or living at the same time. A contemporary design refers to what is popular or used right now.

Contemporary Home

Contemporary design continually changes with the time and incorporates a broad range of styles. Contemporary Style never be the same, you can find the difference in style from 1980s look to contemporary homes of today. Contemporary style homes are often used bright colors and combination of materials.


Contemporary Home Style


These days, the lines between the modern style and contemporary style are blurred. Due to this reason most of the people unable to understand the difference between the Modern and Contemporary styles.  

Nowadays, Contemporary home designs, we’re seeing have a lot of natural materials mixed with steel and industrial inspired materials. Modern and Contemporary both styles are in trends, some homeowners use mixed styles to transform their space look. All depends on your taste and style, both styles are different from each other and has their own importance in homes.

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