In the home, one of the simplest things you can do to make your home look awesome is to add the right light in your home. Light can easily transform your space and can set a right mood within a room. Isn’t it! Light is something that plays an important role in your home. So, it is important to choose the right one for your home.

Light it Right! 5 Lighting Tips and Tricks

When thinking about the flow of space, ambiance, and atmosphere in your home, lighting is something that plays an important role. Brighter lights can make you feel awake, whereas soft lights are more relaxing and provide you right atmosphere to sleep.

Looking to add light to your home? Here are the 5 Lighting tips and tricks that you should try and follow when adding new lights to your home.

1. Make a Lighting Plan

Make a Lighting Plan

If you’re doing from scratch or redecorating your home, create a lighting plan to know which light will suit the particular activity. Think about what activities will take place in the room. Lights are different for every activity and room. Eating? Relaxing? Or, Working? All rooms need different lights that set the right mood or allow you to complete the task. Early planning is best if you don’t need last minute troubles and headaches.

2. Choose a Spotlight to Showcase your Favorites

Use a spotlight to subtly focus on your feature wall, architectural elements or accent furniture. High-quality wall mounted lights symmetrically arranged on side of statement mirrors will add an elegance to a room. Spotlights are something that can easily transform any space and add beauty to the rooms.

3. Consider Scale

Consider Scale

Small Table Lamps are great, but sometimes large lantern, a floor lamp or pendant lights create a focal point in the room. It’s important to consider your space before you make any decision.

4. Invest in a Shade

Freshen up your space with a right shade of the light. White Shades allow more light through and set the cooler tone. For a subtle approach, you’re advised to use neutral tones in the light colour shade.

5. Don’t use the same Lighting for Every Room

Don’t use the same lighting for Every Room

Before using lamps or task lighting in a space, think about how you’ll use it. It is vital to choose the light that completely suits the room interiors and primary function of that room.

Don’t add too many lights in the room, if it is possible, choose only neutral shade tones and soft lights that will set the right mood within the room. Liked this post? For More, Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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