It’s all about personal style, the way you decorate your home. Styling our homes and creating a space where we dwell gives a great feeling. Whether you live alone or with a group of people or whether you have a child or not all these factors play an important role in decorating your home and how it functions.
Minimalism Vs Maximalism: Which Should You Go For?
Minimalism and Maximalism both styles have their own importance, all depends upon your needs like which style is best suitable for your personal needs.
Let’s dive deeper into the difference between Minimalism and Maximalism to take a better idea about both styles and also know which style will go best with your personal needs and home decoration.

What is Minimalism?

Minimalism is all about getting rid of unwanted things. Minimalism means adding things that you really need in your home. In Short, we can say that it is actually about learning what is important and essential in your home. It is the easiest way that will keep you free from unnecessary clutter and gives the great calming look and feel in the entire home.

Some of the benefits you’re getting by introducing Minimalism:

Cleaning is Easy - As compared to cluttered homes, Minimalism Homes can be maintained and cleaned easily in less time and efforts.
Less Stress - Adopting Minimalist Space can also help you reduce the stress in your life. It’s also said the excess clutter in the home causes stress and make it difficult for anyone to relax. With less stuff, you can organize your home in a great way.
Less Expenditure on Unnecessary Purchases - With Minimalism, you can simply save a lot of money on shopping for unnecessary items. “Less is More” it means only keep accent items that you really need in your home and remove all unnecessary items that make your home look cluttered.


Maximalism is just opposite to Minimalism, it means more and more. If you’re maximalist, you tend to buy things that you don’t really need in your home. You always wish to have things that other people have in their homes.
Maximalism style doesn’t have any specific rules, it’s about making use of colours, patterns and textures in design and utilizing statement furniture, arts and bold fabrics. If you’re maximalist, you can add anything in your home decoration that makes you feel happy. Maximalist Style is a great way of showing your own style in your home decor.
In a Nutshell - Minimalism and Maximalism are both styles in vogue. However, the style you prefer completely depends upon whether you like clean lines, breathing space or something bold or accent pieces in your home. For latest home decor trends and home furniture tips, feel free to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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